The Planet Earth Year

This is a dream I got several years ago, a dream I do not think will ever be realized. But - I would be very pleased if I am wrong.

In early 2010 there will be a worldwide decision to make 2011 the first Planet Earth Year.

A year when we who live on this planet cooperate to improve our living conditions, and our possibilities to survive in a long run. Planning and some activities will take place already during 2010, among others to ensure that the Planet Earth Year will preserve important local cultures.

To achieve results we will, roughly described, minimize activities that are negative to humans living in the future and/or unnecessary for humans living today. Focus will be on solutions that give positive effects when seen over the whole planet.

Changed focus for industries
Pharmaceutical companies will develop and produce products needed for health care around the globe, instead of unnecessary cosmetics. The total stop of wars of all scales will decrese the number of humans who need medical care, and make medical educated persons available for education and support in areas of the planet where it is needed.

Military personnel will cooperate to remove mines and other explosives that among others prevents the use of fields for agriculture. The military will also support the transports needed around the planet, and the construction of complementary infrastructures for communications, electricity and water supply.

Telecommunication and similar industries will take a pause in the development of new mobile telephones and other products, and instead focus on the needs of cheap dependable systems where people still need improved telecommunications.

Other industries will also change their production in similar ways, where the stopped production of military equipment not needed for the Planet Earth Year will give extra resources. Irrigation systems is one task to increase agricultural areas.

Lots of temporary sand for a beach volley contest in a harbour without sand... one of several grounds
Lots of temporary sand for a beach volley contest in a harbour without sand... one of several grounds.

Research and education
Present research for among others environment friendly agriculture and fresh water supply will be increased and coordinated. One issue will be to try to find ways to balance the overproduction of important foodstuffs in some areas and lack of them in other areas.

Naturally there will be a focus on environmentally friendly solutions in all aspects, where energy production in several geographical areas may be a challenge.

Some research areas will take a pause, where for example astronomers and archaeologists will participate in the education of people in their local history and nature.

Decreased numbers of fashion, hobby and such magazines will provide other resources for education and support for information systems where it is better needed.

Some magazines on some shelves in one of many shops...
Some magazines on some shelves in one of many shops...

Negative effects for many humans
During the Planet Earth Year lots of people will have some negative effects.

There will not be new models of all kinds of electronic equipment, few hobby magazines to buy and throw away, and so on. They will need to use their equipment, clothes et cetera for a longer period since the fashion driven market will be focused on areas where more basic products from their production is needed.

I think these people and their things will survive without any big problems.

What a dream. In theory it could work, but ...

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